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CNC Oscillating Knife Cutter

CNC oscillating Knife Cutting machine with auto feeding 2300*1500mm size

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Contacter: Valerie Wei Email: export21 at acctekcnc com Wechat: 429806054 Whatsapp: +8615169022087
ACCTEK CNC oscillating Knife Cutting machine with auto feeding 2300*1500mm size


Work video on YOUTUBE:

Contacter:  Valerie Wei

Email: export21 at 

Wechat: 429806054

Whatsapp: +8615169022087

Product Description



#Cutting by knife not laser, no air pollution , no burntedge, cutting speed is 5-8 times faster than co2 laser machine.

#Imported PMI square linear guide and servo motor ensure high precison and fast cutting speed.

#High performance is guaranteed with the integrated circuit plate.

#The application of an USD/Ethernet port makes the cutting plotters fast and convenient

#Easy opeate.This cutting machine was designed easy to install, set-up and operate.

#Special safety sensory device meets the European standard.

#The platform detection device regulates the knife pressure automatically,enabling a level platform and perfect cutting.


Oscillating  knife cutting machine professional for leather/rubber/ fabric/textile neoprene MTP / textile made in italy / Nido d'ape nero Black honeycomb textile / COLIBRI plastic textile  / sky pleather/ PVC/memory foam / gray white polyurethane foam etc. 

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parts oscillating knife.jpg





Max. Cutting size 1600*1000mm/2500*1600mm/optional
Power 11KW
Multi-functional Tool Head Straight knife/round knife/pneumatic knife/V-cut knife/roller identation/marker pen/optional
Security configuration High sensitive infrared induction 
Travelling speed Max. 1200mm/s
Cutting speed  Max. 800mm/s (Depending on different material type)
Movement speed 1200mm/s Maximum 1200mm/s
Cutting speed Maximum 800mm/s (set according to different cutting materials)
Cutting material Corrugated paper, PVC expansion sheet, kt sheet, thick foam, grey board, paperboard, car sticker, adhesive Sticker, etc.
Cutting thickness Maximum 60mm (set according to different materials)
Material fixing method High power vacuum absorption and intellectual partition
Repeated positioning accuracy Maximum 0.1mm
Mechanical Precision Maximum 0.1mm
Drive system Steel wire synchronous belt , AC servo motor, linear guideway
Control system digit RISC core cpu + large scale programmable logic array
Operating mode operation platform + data output control software (operation platform can be divided into connected and separated parts)
Display mode Chinese and English liquid crystal touch screen
Data transmission method Ethernet/USB port
Instruction system HPGL compatible format
Buffer capacity Standard 4GB



 Other model:

AKZ1610 oscillating knife cutting machine standard version

akz1610 vibrationg knife.jpg

AKZ1610 oscillating knife cutting machine with auto feeding system for fabric textile cloth leather in roll

akz1610 auto feeding.jpg

Application of ACCTEK oscillating knife cutting machine:


Leather, various garment flexible materials, KT board, Chevron board, honeycomb board, car stickers, adhesive, photo frame paper, gray board paper, corrugated paper, EPE foam, PVC board, acrylic sheet, thick foam, composite materials, etc. .


*Cutting function of oscillation tool:can cut many different materials (such as corrugated paper, cardboard, offset paper, grey board, rubber,honeycomb board, PP,PE,PVC, gasket, leather ,carpet and mat )
*Folding function: It can fold corrugated paper, card paper and offset board into perfect folding line.
*Function of dotted line: It is used to fold them after half cutting corrugated paper and grey card paper, and to cut dotted line.
*Positioning: positioning  with cross red line positioning system.
*Drawing function with marker pen (optional)

It can draw various high precision drawing cutting materials: corrugated board, foam, PVC, styrene, Coroplast, Celtec, magnetic film, adhesive vinyl, leather, rubber, fabrics, high intensity reflective films, paper, cardboard, polystyrene, magnetic films, vinyl etc.
*Punching function: It can punch hole on the material, such as leather,carton, pvc, carpet and mat ,etc.(optional)


oscillating knife cutting machine samples: 

 eccentric swage 01.jpgeccentric swage.jpgoscillating knife cutter.jpg



Besides EVA foam, CUTCNC digital cutter machine can cut many types of foam, such as closed cell foam, rubber foam, foamex, foam core, KT board, EPE foam, polyethylene foam, PE foam, PVC foam, etc. It's widely used for packaging protection, advertising display, termal insulation, model & mock up making, puzzle and pattern cutting, etc. 

Using cnc knife cutting technology, our digital cutter machine has no burning and totally environmently. It's equipped with plotting pen, oscillating cutting tool, creasing tool, and drag knife tool to meet customers' different requirements. The heavy duty drag knife tool is available for special materials of the sign making industry.





 Q1:I knew nothing about this machine,what kind of machine I should choose?

Very easy to choose, just tell us : 1. the work you want to do?  2. the maximum size of your materiaols,  then we give you perfect solutions and suggestions.

 Q2:When I got this machine,but I did not know how to use it,What should I do?

We will send video and english version manual with the machine,If you still have some doubts,we can talk by telephone or skype. Or even send our engineers oversea to help you.

 Q3:If some problems happened to this machine during warranty period,what should I do?
We will supply free parts in machine warranty period if machine have some problem, While we also supply free after-service,so any doubts, just let us know, we will give you solutions.

 Q4:What is the MOQ?

MOQ for our products is 1 set machine, we could send it to the nearest port to you. 

Packaging & Shipping


Packaging & Shipping

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About Acctek



Contacter:  Valerie Wei

Email: export21 at 

Wechat: 429806054

Whatsapp: +8615169022087

Office adress:  Siminghu plaza, no.3floor 1007, Flyover district of Jinan city in Shangdong province

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