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AccTek 3W 3d crystal uv laser marking machine,3d crystal laser engraving machine

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CE standard AccTek 3W 3d crystal uv laser marking machine,3d crystal laser engraving machineProduct InfoUV 3d cr

  CE standard AccTek 3W 3d crystal uv laser marking machine,3d crystal laser engraving machine

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Product Info
UV 3d crystal uv laser marking machine is cold ligh source. UV laser with short wavelength,focus,smaller spot,belongs to cold

process with a little heat affecting,good beam quality, it can achieve hyperfine marking.Most materials can absorb

ultraviolet laser,it is widely applied on industrials; with very little heat affecting area, it won't have heat effect,there

is no burning problem,pollution-free,non-toxic,high marking speed,high efficiency,the machine performance is stable,

low power consumption.


Product Application

(1) It is widely used in electronic components, battery chargers, electric wire, computer accessories, mobile phone

accessories (mobile phone screen, LCD screen) and communication products.
(2) Automobile and motorcycle spare parts, auto glass, instrument appliance, optical device, aerospace, military

industry products, hardware machinery, tools, measuring tools, cutting tools, sanitary ware.
(3) Pharmaceutical, food, beverage and cosmetics industry.
(4) Glass, crystal products, arts and crafts of surface and internal thin film etching, ceramic cutting or engraving,

clocks and watches and glasses.
(5) It can be marked on polymer material, majority of the metal and non-metallic materials for surface processing

and coating film processing, pervious to light polymer materials, plastic, fire prevention materials etc..


co2 marking machine sample (3)

China AccTek 20W 30W fiber laser marking machine (19)




3d crystal uv laser marking machine Performance characteristics

1,UV laser with stable Water-cooling

2,UV laser temperature control PID with high precision

3,Choose a variety of models for first pulse suppression,to achieve the best inhibitory effect.

4,UV laser can offer a variety of different average laser power and pulse width,fit for different processing requirement.




Machine model

AK3U/5U 3d crystal uv laser marking machine


Laser wavelength


Pulse repetition rate(KHz)



Pulse width(ns)



Average power(w)



Average power stability

<±2% over 8 hours

Pulse-to-pulse instability

<3% rms

Spatial Mode


Beam Divergence

<2mrad(Full Angle)

Beam Diameter


Beam roundness


Pointing stability


Polarization direction


Polarization ratio





Ambient Temperature


Storage Temperature


Relative humidity


Warm-up Time(mins)


Operating Voltage(V)




UV laser (5).jpg

UV laser (6).jpg

UV laser (7).jpg


 After sale service:
1. 1.5 years quality guaranty, the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed or maintain

free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period. 
2. Free training course at our plant.
3. We will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.
4. 24 hours on line service each day, free technical support. 
5. Our staff can be sent to your company to install or adjust if necessary.

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