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3 axis CNC Router

Heavy duty 3D CNC router 1325

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Heavy duty 3D CNC router 1325 is one kind of high level 1325 cnc router, DSP controller,Vacuum table, 3 5KW air cooling spindle,helical rack and pinion transmission It s a better choice for the customers who wants to buy a super quality CNC router
AKM1325 CNC Router
Main Features

1.High-performance all-round machinery with extraordinary value, but at a very economical price. Constructed with world-class components, consistent high performance.
2. Vacuum table using high-density (1.3-1.45g/cm) material with great suction strength, comfortably accommodating all sizes of work piece.
3.Highly efficient machine permitting faster production, cutting speed over 18m/min. Low vibration and smooth motion ensure higher work piece quality.  


1. Furniture:ideally suitable for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture, windows, tables and chairs, etc.    
2. Other wooden products: stereo box, computer desk, musical instruments, etc.              
3.Well-suited for processing panel, insulating materials, plastic, epoxy resin, carbon mixed compound, etc.                              
4. Decoration: acrylic, PVC, density board, artificial stone, organic glass, soft metals like aluminum and copper, etc.l stone, graphite, PVC, EPS, soft metals like aluminum and copper and other non-metal carbon mixed compound,etc.


Model AKM1325
Working Area 1300×2500×200mm
Spindle 3.5kw/4.5kw cooled by air (or water for option)
Working Mode Stepper motor (servo motor for your optional )
Control System DSP  or MACH3 control system
Drive Mechanism Gear-wheel on x,y axis 
Table Surface Vacuum table o& T-slot extrusions
Frame wholly steel structure
Motion Positioning Accuracy ± 0.03/300mm
Repositioning Accuracy ± 0.05mm 
Max Motion Speed 50,000mm/min
Max Engraving Speed 30,000mm/min
Rotating Speed of Spindle 2,4000rpm
Z-axis setting Auto Z origin tool high sensor
Dictate Formate G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt
Operating Voltage 3phase 380V
Software Type3 original with Dongle or Wentai (ArtCUT), ArtCAM software
Packing Size 3350×1950×1990mm
Lubrication System Oil lubrication system
Net weight/ Gross Weight 1150kg/ 1500kg
Noise Level Racing LAeep dB(A)72±1
Engraving LAeep dB(A)80±2
Engraving Peak LAeep dB(C)95
Optional Parts Dust Collecting System
 Heavy frame
Mist Sprayer and flume
Rotary device 
Syntec controller System 

1325 CNC Router vacuum table

AKM1325 CNC Router with 3.5kw changsheng air cooling spindle

Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rail

AKM1325 CNC Router

AKM1325 CNC Router inner package

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